The world-renowned Voltas products are now available in Bangladesh

2021-11-18 07:42:03 By : Mr. Jackson Li

Voltas Limited was established in 1954 and has been leading the global electronics market for 70 years. 

It is famous for manufacturing household appliances and specializes in air conditioning and cooling technology.

It finally entered the Bangladesh market and started to cooperate with Nitol Electronics Ltd. to develop business.

Md Kamrul Hassan, Assistant Brand and Communication Manager, Nitol Electronics Ltd

It was shared that Nitol has its own electronic product brand "Atashi", and they are considering launching high-quality products from a multinational company. 

Currently, Nitol is the exclusive distributor of Voltas products. It started in February, but due to the Covid-19 situation, they officially started operations in April this year.

Voltas Ltd provides parts for Nitol and manufactures products at its factory. Currently, the company has no plans to set up branches or outlets in Bangladesh.

Available air cooler models are: Slimm 35T, Slimm 45T, Slimm 55T, Alfa 15E and Alfa 28E. The available air conditioner models are 18DZQ (R32), 24DZQ (R32) and 18VDZP-ADJ (R32).

All Voltas products can be found here:

Now let us look at some products that meet customer needs.

This 1.5-ton fixed-speed air conditioner uses a 100% copper body to provide the best products at the lowest possible price. Its model is 18DZQ (R32).  

In the high environment and CO2 reduction process, it can immediately lower the temperature. \

The length of the connecting cable and the connecting pipe is three meters each. The compressor type is "High EER Rotary".

The operating voltage range is 207-253, and the noise level can be set to 46, 42, 39 or 32 decibels. The rated capacity model is 18,000 Btu/h.

Voltas provides you with a five-year warranty on compressors and a one-year warranty on spare parts as well as free service.

This 28-liter fresh air cooler has a honeycomb cooling pad and a thermal overload protector. Its model is ALFA-28LE, which can be used with inverters. 

It covers a maximum room of 11 square meters. It provides top features such as casters, water level indicator, and dust filter at a very reasonable price. This model is in high demand in the market.

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